Cancer Rehabilitation Services In The Upper Hunter Valley

Improvement in shoulder movement and function

Scar management

Shift from illness to wellness

Rehabilitation during and after your cancer diagnosis, treatment and aftercare

Surgical procedures, radiotherapy and chemotherapy are all treatments that you may undergo during your cancer journey. These treatements unfortunately have side effects that can impact on your comfort and quality of life.

Rehabilitation therapy can help to lessen these side effects.

Encompass Therapy offers treatment in the following areas:

  • Pain relief by treating scarring and swelling
  • Improvement in the look, feel and function of scar tissue
  • Improvement in lymphatic function that may be affected by lymph node removal surgery, radiation therapy or chemotherapy
  • Treatment to improve range of movement and strength of the body parts affected

Chemobrain Treatment

If you have undergone cancer treatment, you may experience difficulties with fatigue, concentration, memory and problem solving. Sometimes referred to as “chemobrain”, these changes can contribute to a feeling of loss of control and reduced competence in the tasks and life roles that are important to you.

We offer practical strategies and retraining to lessen the impact of these symptoms and assist you to function better and live well after cancer.

Breast Cancer Rehabilitation Treatments To Help You To Wellness

Have you undergone treatment for breast cancer?

Do you still experience altered function in your upper body as a result?

Australian research indicates that more than 50% of breast cancer survivors report upper body symptoms when surveyed 6 years after diagnosis. Symptoms reported include stiffness, weakness, sensory change, pain and/or swelling in the arm, neck shoulder and/or trunk.

We offer a unique rehabilitation service to women of Singleton and the Upper Hunter Valley to help you function better and live well following breast cancer. Rehabilitation therapy input is based on your goals to assist you to engage in the tasks and life roles that are important to you, encouraging a shift of focus from illness to wellness.

A variety of treatment modalities may be used when treating physical dysfunction following cancer treatment. These may include:

  • Soft tissue barrier massage and low level laser for softening of cording, radiation scarring and adhesions throughout the chest wall.
  • Myofacial release, taping and exercise prescription to reduce pain, improve posture, movement and strength through the upper body.
  • Instruction in diaphragm activation to improve breathing and posture patterns, facilitate quality sleep for rest and repair and establish effective shoulder and core stability.
  • Management of any unusual swelling in the arm, breast or upper quadrant (see Lymphoedema Management).
  • Education regarding skin care, nutrition and other lifestyle factors which may impact on function and wellbeing.

Encompass Therapy is a proud sponsor of the Breast Cancer Rehabilitation & Wellness Summit – an online resource for information regarding a range of rehabilitation and wellness strategies to enhance function during and after breast cancer treatment.  Click on the artwork to access the summit.

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